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How it works

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1. Get an instant valuation.

Find your device using our smart search, take the TechCheck® and answer the few questions about your device to receive an instant quote.


2. Send us your tech.

Either request a recyclable pack, or reuse some old packaging and post your tech to us if you want to get the deal done quicker.

We'll send you a royal mail label that makes the process super quick and insures your items.

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reboxed decorative illustration
Get paid

3. Get paid in days!

Once we've received your device, our Techcheck® engineers will check it over and test it, and we'll then confirm your final value.

Once you're happy, well pay you straight away and securely wipe your device ready for it's next home.

Buy refurbished

4. Upgrade to reboxed® tech

If you haven't already, you can put your cash towards a new(ish) device. We're the most premium, trusted refurbished provider in all the lands.

If you've chosen to trade-in for a reboxed® voucher, youll get even more money towards an upgrade!

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