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Recycle or Sell My Apple iPhone 11 Pro for Cash with Reboxed®

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

Frequently asked questions.

Where can I sell my Apple iPhone 11 Pro?
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There are lots of places to sell your Apple iPhone 11 Pro, but of course we believe reboxed® is the best. You won’t find us on comparison websites. Unlike most recyclers, they are on comparison sites and advertise high prices to get you through the door whilst competing with each other to get your device. As most recyclers have a different view on grading, this only increases the chance you’ll get your quote chopped down and paid less once you send it in.

How much can I sell my Apple iPhone 11 Pro for?
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To find out how much you can sell your Apple iPhone 11 Pro for, simply find your device from the search bar on the homepage, locate your phone from the navigation bar or select your memory size (GB) from this page. You’ll then be taken to the page for your device where you’ll see an estimate for your device’s value. Once you’ve answered the TechCheck® questions, you’ll get an instant quote. providing you’ve answered the questions accurately, and followed our cosmetic conditions, that will be the money you get, no quibbles.

Can I sell a broken Apple iPhone 11 Pro?
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Absolutely, we want to give every phone a new life regardless of its condition, and where possible we or together with our partners will expertly refurbish broken devices so they can have a new life. We can take smashed Apple iPhone 11 Pro’s, phones with water damage and even devices with hardware issues and in most cases get them fixed. And if an Apple iPhone 11 Pro phone can’t be refurbished, they will safely and securely be recycled.

What happens to my old Apple iPhone 11 Pro? 
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Once we receive and tested your Apple iPhone 11 Pro, and you’re happy with selling it — we’ll securely data wipe your device and get it ready for resell. Most devices get a good clean and end up back over on, alongside our range of certified quality premium devices